cisgendered boys saying “breasts” in a classroom setting is one of my favourite things to watch.

"anorexic" is not a synonym for skinny
“bipolar” is not a synonym for moody

these are serious diseases that must not be neutralized or degraded to accommodate your limited vocabulary and ignorant humor.


just stop.


Aah~ ✿! The sakura season is finally here  (*^ワ^*)/ Here’s a simple infographic that we made about how sakura are classified, based on this article by : Are you going sakura-viewing any time soon? We’d love to see your cherry blossom photos (please share them with us ♥)! Let’s see if we can classify them using this infographic~ (*‿*✿)
Art by littlemisspaintbrush

Haagen-Dazs - 冰紛歡舞 by minioreocake on Flickr.